About Us...

RFASS are the ferocious, raw metal signature band crying out to disaffected youth everywhere to stand against the the breaking down of modern society and counter cultures in favour of the accepted mainstream. The driving force is to alert listeners to observe the world in a different light, calling into question the intolerable barrage of negative facts and hatred we are expected to accept via modern media and the propaganda of finance-driven elite societies.

The savvy, often mercilessly funny lyrics make wise observations of bullshit in the news, coupled with a gripping, searing-hot metal / punk crossover sound that incites the ensuing rebellion that must follow in order to reclaim the world as that of one belonging to individuals and not that of corporations, governments, cult religions, mass ideologies or thinking. Both albums ruthlessly confronts the madness of Government war criminality, animal rights abuses, exploitation of women in the sex industry and the global debasement of the LGBT rights community.

The Rats’ brutal style of rap metal is further antagonized by police gang culture, untalented headline-grabbing disposable media, then meets further outrage towards the truly disgusting human rights violations that surround us every day. Their music is a wake-up call about the death of individuality and how the ability to think and weigh up the facts for ourselves has been manipulated. They forever challenge, head-on, the financially-driven industries and institutions that are passionately intent in retaining control in the UK & worldwide.

The Rats’ can change the way we view repulsive world events happening now and serves to instill the desire to alter our reaction to it. Lusty’s unmistakable,blunt British Rap vocals jam-pack their songs with a wry and furious humour.You could spot his voice at a thousand paces and it’s very addictive to listen to. Jamie Price (guitars) compliment with a punk guitar style searing with a bruising, ferocious blast worthy of any carefully considered mob violence you may wish to coordinate.